We are committed to ensuring that the students in Nishkam Sixth Form aspire towards academic excellence, make outstanding progress and contribute to the ethos and multi faith dimension of the school. Students in our sixth form will be driven individuals who have a genuine sense of community. They will be shining lights. Inspirational. Excellent role models.

Sixth form students are on a very important stage of their educational journey.  The choices they make and the work they do in Years 12 and 13 will pave the way to universities and careers. It is also important that they receive the appropriate guidance to help them achieve their academic ambitions and develop into the young adults that will be valuable members of society. Here, at Nishkam, sixth formers will get the support and education they deserve. As the Head of Sixth Form I feel honoured and privileged to be in a position to work with students during such a vital period of their lives.

Mr A. Ruhe

Assistant Principal and Head of Sixth Form

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